Your Construction Technology Provider Sales: 855-774-8324 | Support: 888-920-4778
Your Construction Technology Provider Sales: 855-774-8324 | Support: 888-920-4778
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Comprehensive in-house and on site support: installation, training, service and repair

Increase your site technology capabilities on a permanent or short-term basis

3D data processing, modeling and takeoffs for leading manufacturer machine controls

Never Lose Sight of Your Site

SITECH represents a global distribution network built specifically to provide contractors with the most comprehensive solutions in the industry. Because of this laser-like focus, SITECH provides a unique set of solutions and support that is simply unmatched in the marketplace today. If your organization requires jobsite software solutions to better communicate your progress between the office and the field, machine control or asset management, SITECH has the components and expertise to build a custom solution that is suited for your requirements.

As your Trimble dealer operating in Oklahoma and West Texas, SITECH Texoma offers a centralized, one-stop location for all of your advanced technology needs. From heavy and highway construction, job site positioning technology, to connectivity between jobsite and office, SITECH Texoma has the experience and the knowledge you need.